The PNA Disability Management Program provides employers with the resources and the tools to effectively manage both the human and financial issues involved in employee absences.

The goals are to:

  • Decrease duration of disability (days lost)
  • Ensure appropriate treatment and level of care
  • Retain valued, experienced, productive workers
  • Save replacement training time and expense
  • Minimize loss of productivity due to absenteeism, sick leave and low morale
  • Establish “Sentinel Effect” for Disability Benefit
  • Medical Necessity determined by objective third party review

Disability Management Process

  • Human Resources Representative or Employee makes call to PNA within the guidelines established by the employer.
  • PNA Nurse explains Disability Management process to employee.
  • PNA sends form to employee to complete and take to physician’s office.
  • PNA Nurse discusses employee’s medical status, understanding of functional impairment, description of current job requirements, and expected return-to-work date.
  • PNA Nurse contacts attending physician to explain disability process and to obtain additional information concerning medical status, functional impairment and expected time frame for impairment.
  • PNA Nurse requests applicable medical records from attending physician, hospital, if necessary (including all diagnostic studies and laboratory results) and documentation regarding anticipated return-to-work date and limitations and restrictions.
  • PNA Nurse or physician reviews case after medical records are received.
  • PNA Nurse discusses appropriate time frame for early return to work, alternative duty, and accommodation of limitations and restrictions.
  • PNA recommends authorization or non-authorization of disability leave.
  • PNA Nurse sends notification form explaining patient status and recommendation to client, employee and physician.
  • PNA Nurse maintains contact with employee, employer and physician, as needed, for follow-up and return-to-work decisions.

Your employees will receive the appropriate level of care while becoming informed participants in the recovery process. PNA’s programs will help you to avoid inappropriate treatment expenses and minimize the loss of productivity due to absenteeism and sick leave and injuries. We will help you retain valued, experienced and productive workers.